Custom Home Security Grey Us Zigbee Switch
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Custom Home Security Grey Us Zigbee Switch

  • US/AU Zigbee switch, 1 gang
  • Relay control model
  • System Support: Zigbee Coordinates
  • Warranty of 2 years
  • Single live line power supply
  • Null and live power supply lines
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  • SK-Z801-01-US


An explanation of Custom Home Security Grey Us Zigbee Switch

  • Type: Wireless Zigbee Touch switch

  • The control system is 1gang 1way

  • The rated voltage is 110V/230V

  • Frequency rating: 50hz/60hz

  • Live and null power lines or Single live line power supply

  • The support system is based on Zigbee coordinates

  • The Zigbee 2.4GHz model is available.

  • Standard for Zigbee: IEEE802.15.4

  • Crystal glass panel, flame retardant PC bottom

  • Measures 118*72cm

CNSKOU smart switches have many advantages and characteristics

  • Panels of tempered glass with a modern design

  • No scratches, easy installation, no scarring

  • Soft backlighting for an elegant appearance

  • Easily control what you want via Wi-Fi, making life more fashionable

  • Make your life easier with wireless RF control

Home Security Us Zigbee Switch

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